Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Goal: Below 290

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday when I weighed myself.  My weight dipped below 290 to 289.8.  That's 32 pound down, 113 to go.  Dropping below 290 also caused me to reach the WiiFit goal I had set for myself about a month ago. These minor milestones really got me thinking about the short term goals and what I should be aiming for to keep myself motivated.

First about the WiiFit milestone.  WiiFit allows you to enter weight loss goals.  Every time you weigh yourself, the system will tell you how far you have to go to achieve your target.  One of the downsides is the maximum you can set the weight loss for in one goal is 22 pounds.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing because for most people 22 pounds is a lot of weight.  I'd rather track my target weight goal of 177 pounds but these small milestones are probably a little more realistic.  The other frustrating part of the WiiFit goals is that you can only set your goals for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, or 3 months.  Ideally I'd like to lose 2-pounds a week which would make my 22-pound goal an 11 week cycle.  Since there isn't an 11-week option, I'm doing this over 3 months. I can knock off 22 pounds my October.

Besides the WiiFit goals here are some of the other benchmarks and rewards I have set for myself.

272 Pounds, Down 50
Treat myself to a deep tissue massage.  I love massages and the deep tissue is my favorite.  When I reach 272 I will take a Friday afternoon off and go the the spa at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel for some much needed pampering.  I have been to the Ritz Carlton for a hot rock massage before and it was fantastic.  And while you might be thinking, "Hey, you can get a deep tissue massage anywhere.  Why drop the extra cash just to go to the Ritz Carlton?"  I know from experience that the Ritz Carton has top notch spa facilities.  They have an individual shower stall that has something like 9 shower heads.  It's like taking a shower in an automated car wash.  Plus they have a great steam room and dry sauna.  I can easily spend a couple of hours relaxing and being pampered.  To me, that's worth the extra cash.

242 Pounds, Down 80
A Segway Tour of Disney's California Adventure Park.  This is the goal I am really looking forward to.  First off, I have always been fascinated by Segways.  Second, I am the biggest Disney Parks fanatic you will ever meet.  Put these two together and I am in geek heaven.  The problem with the Segway Tours are this, there is a 250-pound weight limit.  So why not do this when my weight reaches 250 pounds?  To be honest I don't want there to be any barrier to keep me from taking this behind the scenes tour.  I have this fear that we will have to weigh in before the Segway ride begins.  Oh the horror of being told you weigh too much, especially after losing 72 pounds.  So at 242 I know that I should be able to hop on a scale fully clothed and fully hydrated and still weigh less than 250 pounds.

Luckily for me, at least in the short-term, the Segway Tour of Disney's California Adventure Park is on hiatus for a little while until they complete the construction projects of Carsland and Buena Vista Street.  I am hoping that by spring 2012 I will be able to do this goal.

222 Pounds, Down 100
I haven't figured this one out yet, but it has to be something big.  Losing 100 pounds is a huge deal and I want to make sure it is something memorable.  Now I must confess, my first instincts were to make this a food reward.  Maybe a chef's table at a top restaurant or a gastronomic mini-vacation, like going to a barbecue festival.  But I really think making this a food reward is counterproductive.  I don't want to drop 100 just to put 5 or ten back on, right?  I'll need some time to figure this one out.  Any suggestions you have will be appreciated.

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