Saturday, July 23, 2011

Progress, Progress, Progress

I don't know if this can all be attributed to the BodyMedia Fit armband but I have been kicking some serious booty this week.  I'm down 3.6 pounds on the week and am feeling great.  Logging my food, being able to see how many calories I have burned, and tracking how many steps I have taken is really making a difference in my day.

A few weeks ago I had to abandon a brown 46-inch belt because I ran out of holes.  Yesterday I think I fastened a 44-inch black belt for the last time.  I had been using the fifth and final hole on that belt for a few weeks and now it's too loose in the waist.  Luckily I have several black and brown belts in shorter lengths that I had to abandon as I have steadily gotten bigger over the years. 

But I think the biggest progress of all for me is taking my dress slacks for work to the tailor today to be brought in.  I have been planning to do this for a couple of weeks but didn't think any of my other dress pants would fit yet.  Yesterday I tired on my size 42 pants and they were loose!  Holy Cow!  It wasn't too long ago that I had to struggle to button those pants.  It's almost like I have a new wardrobe.

Besides going to the tailor, one of my goals for the day is to log some serious steps to see how far I actually walk when I am not tied to a desk all day.  I would really like to go to Disneyland because I know that would be the ultimate serious walking challenge.  But I don't think Disneyland is in the cards today because I have stuff to do around the house. Boo!  Maybe I can visit the mouse tomorrow.  I really need to walk through the new entrance at Disney's California Adventure Park. You know you are a serious Disney Parks geek when you get excited about the possibility of walking through a new set of turnstiles. [I can see you rolling your eyes]

BodyMedia Stats for July 22, 2011
Calories Burned-3,126 | Calories Consumed-1,275 | Calorie Deficit-1,851 | Physical Activity-0:11 minutes | Steps Taken-4,081 | Sleep Duration-7:07 hours | Sleep Efficiency-79%

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