Sunday, July 3, 2011

Juy 3, 2011 - Linner

I ended up eating a late lunch so I just made it an early dinner too, aka Linner.  Disney's California Adventure Park was surprisingly uncrowded for a holiday weekend.  Last Friday, two new restaurants opened in the Paradise Pier section of the park so I went there to eat.

The bigger of the two restaurants is called Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta.  They serve pizza, pasta and salads.  I wasn't really in the mood for a salad because I have so many during the week at work.  So I decided to checkout the other new restaurant, Paradise Garden Grill.  This restaurant has a Mediterranean menu with a lot of healthy options.  I had the chicken kabob that comes with rice pilaf, a cucumber salad and pita bread.  I'm not in the phase of my diet where I can have rice so I asked of they could hold the pilaf and double my cucumber salad.  They did so I was happy.  One of the cool things about this restaurant is they have four different sauces for your kabob.  I went with the Tandoori Spiced Yogurt sauce which gave the dish a slight Indian flair.  I ignored the pita and had a bottle water to drink.  All in all I think I ate pretty well and was satisfied when I was done. 

I also got in a few miles of walking which is an added bonus because I need to keep increasing the amount of time I spend exercising.

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